Dollhouse Miniature Elizabethan Drop Leaf Table #JJ07011WN


  • From JBM Miniatures collection of detailed dollhouse miniatures. This will make a nice addition to your miniature scene.
  • English 1850. During this period English furniture, in the domestic setting, was a symbol of status and wealth; it was the decoration of the furniture that made furniture valuable.
  • Turned baluster legs, square spreader bars, and recessed carvings on the sides and front are the only decorations on this simple table built to be sturdy and functional. The front panel opens down to create an enclosed storage space under the table top in place of an under the table shelf. The sides of the table fold down so that the table can be stored in a small space.
  • Dimensions, inches: 2 3/4 W x 2 1/2 H x 2 1/8 D.
  • 1" to 1'. 1:12 Scale. This is sized for a dollhouse.
  • Detailed scale model for adult collectors. Not intended for children under 14.

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