Dollhouse Miniature Round Wire Kit #CK104

  • Our CK104 kit was developed especially for round wiring enthusiasts and includes the most comprehensive and exhaustive round wire instructions ever written.  Profusely illustrated, the instruction book contains a wealth of new wiring techniques and electrification tips.
  • The instructions cover the wiring of both open back and open front type dollhouses or combinations thereof.  In addition, separate sections are included describing both surface and routed wire layouts.
    1 of CK1008-3 Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch and spade lugs).
    1 of CK1009C 12V, 20W Plug-In Transformer (w/built-in circuit breaker).
    1 of CK1010-4 12V GOR Bulb.
    1 of CK1015-2 Instruction Book.
    1 of CK1025-3 No. 66 Bit.
    2 of CK1031 Headless Pins (approx. 36).
    1 of NPN Map Tack.
    2 of CK1033-3 Clear Heat Shrink Tubes (12 pak).
    2 of CK1049-1 4 Pole Terminal Blocks.
    1 of CK1049-4 Terminal Block Jumpers (6 pak).
    1 of CK203 25' Minature "Zip" Cord.
    1 of CK203-1 15' Feeder Wire.
    1 of CK204 Test Probe.
  • Detailed scale model for adult collectors. Not intended for children under 14.

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